Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Tonight's dinner was delicious if I do say so myself.  I ended up making Chicken "Pot Pie" with Crunchy Brown Rice Crust.  I found the recipe on my totally awesome Whole Foods app.  It's actually been saved under my favorite recipes for a while.  I just never tried it because I wasn't sure the family would like it.  You know what, they loved it!  The recipe can also be found here.  I do want to note that I used grapeseed oil in place of the canola oil it called for.  And I added extra celery and a small potato.  And skim milk instead of whole.  It was super yummy. 

I also wanted to share what I made for breakfast this morning.  Some of you may have seen a similar picture on Pinterest or Facebook.  Simple enough, crack an egg on a slice of tomato in a slice of green pepper.  Hint: use a pepper with a larger diameter than mine.  I had a lid over mine in hopes that the egg would set.  Then I decided I would flip them.  That didn't turn out so well. hehehe  But it was still excellent even if it wasn't pretty. 

Tomorrow, I'm going to tackle the butternut squash....

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