Monday, October 8, 2012

"Mom, I don't feel very good"

These are the words I heard from my little man as he came through the front door after school.  Poor little guy looked really pale and droopy.  After some hugs and cuddles, he went upstairs to lay down. I'm sure this weather isn't helping.  It was so cold today, I literally saw a bumble bee drop dead.  He was visiting my purple asters, as he had been doing so frequently over the past few weeks.  Then as he flew past the window, I saw him drop from the sky.  His fuzzy little body is lying motionless on my sidewalk.  Darn cold front!

Wasn't I just complaining earlier today about being super busy on Monday evenings?!  Well, I'd rather be running all over town playing Mom Taxi than have a sick little boy.  Lord, forgive me for complaining.  I count it all as blessing, the hectic schedules, everything.

Since I had some extra time before dear daughters activities, I went ahead with my planned menu and made Cheesy Lasagna Rolls from my awesome Whole Foods app.  This recipe is super easy since it has so few ingredients.  The most time consuming part is preparing the noodles to roll up.  There was a little bit of complaining about the spinach from my son, but he tried it and liked it.  Hooray!

The only picture I have to share today is from this morning.  See, I ran out of almond milk a couple days ago.  I've been hearing how easy it is to make your own, so I decided to try it.  Last night, before bed, I put 2 cups of raw almonds in a bowl then covered them with water.  This morning I drained and rinsed them, put them in my blender along with some pure vanilla and 4 cups of water.  Super quick and easy!  Then I poured it through a sieve and voila! Two pints of almond milk for the fridge plus what I used in my smoothie this morning.  The best part is I have this almond meal/ mush left over to use in other recipes!  I think I'll use some in my oatmeal tomorrow morning.

Speaking of morning, it will be here too soon.  Goodnight!

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