Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sunday night!!  October 21st!!!!  My little girl turns 11 tomorrow!!!!!!!

We had a great weekend visiting with family (my parents and my brother and new sister-in-law drove over from WV), going to AppleFest, and celebrating her sweetness! 

<----  Here she is at AppleFest with my daddy.

I'm pleased to say we stuck with our unprocessed, "clean eating" pretty well.  We did eat lunch at AppleFest on Saturday and we made the healthiest choices possible (except for Little Man who was drawn to the Pizza Hut booth of all places).  I made a great dinner of free-range chicken that I had placed in the crockpot that morning.  Added some sides of sweet potatoes, broccoli and parmesan risotto.  And a salad.  It was yummy and my family really enjoyed it. 

Then we had birthday cake - which was completely organic and gluten-free.  (Tip: Do not lead with that bit of information if the people you are serving it to are not used to that.  They may look at you like you're crazy.  Then they may take that first bite with a look of fear on their faces.....until they taste it's AWESOMENESS!!)  My dear daughter wanted her cake to be half chocolate and half confetti.  No way was I using a box mix.  I made this amazing flourless dark chocolate cake

For the confetti cake, I googled "gluten free white cake recipe" and when I found this quote << "I have to brag on this cake. Got it from a link on this site. This is sooooooo good. It's really a white cake, but it is great.">> I knew I had to check it out.  So I made this recipe and added some sprinkles (I know, totally artificial, but if that's all that was artificial in it - I'm OK with that) I found in my cabinet.  Since I altered the flour combinations a little (making sure it still added up to 2 1/4 cups) the cake doesn't look white - but it tastes totally amazing!  I used the flour combination found in the comments section of brown rice flour, white rice flour, and sorghum flour (I didn't have any tapioca flour, so I thought.  Found some today.... oh well.)

I love that my parents really liked it since all they're used to are cakes made with refined/ processed ingredients.  I love that my kids and husband love it!  I love that the chocolate cake tasted all fudge-like.  I love being able to create something delicious with ingredients I can identify.  Lots of love here.

Keeping the love going -
I loved having the meal plan to follow last week.  I will definitely use one again. 

But this week, I'm going to create my own.  I'm actually excited about it.  I have the chicken bones left over to make a nice stock.  I'm going to make some soup and probably some chicken and dumplings.  We will also have spaghetti one night.  And of course - taco night on Friday.  I love having that constant in our family.  (more love - I'm full of happiness today) Just like creating traditions together, it helps us grow closer as a family. 

Do you have any weekly family meals your kids look forward to?  What are some of your unique family traditions?  

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