Friday, October 5, 2012

Dinner last night was just me and the kids.  Hubby was out of town for work again.  So, we made what every kid I know likes, mac and cheese.  Except this time it was the clean version.  I didn't really use a recipe.  I just cooked up 8 oz. of Tinkyada elbow macaroni (whose ingredients are brown rice and water - love it!).  While that was boiling I made the sauce by pouring 2 cups of milk and 2 Tbsp. spelt flour into a pan.  I also added some turmeric and ground mustard for the yellow color.  After that thickened, I stirred in some sharp cheddar cheese and some freshly ground salt and pepper. 

Here's the finished product: 

Add a salad and dinner was done.  Easy peasy mac and cheesy. 

Friday is taco night - anyone have a tortilla press??

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