Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Today, according to my Meal Plan, was fajitas for dinner.  They were supposed to be vegetarian.  But, we had some seasoned ground turkey left over from our taco pizza - so we totally had to have soft tacos!  I did cook some onion, mushrooms and peppers with some homemade fajita seasoning to make them more fajita like.  

So this is my second time making homemade flour tortillas.  It is getting easier (the first time I had a little trouble getting the dough to come together - this time, no trouble at all!)  But you'd think I could roll out a circle.  What is this??   Seriously.

Pathetic, I know.

 By the 12th one I was getting a little better - check this one out -almost looks professional! 

These are so much fun to make with the kids.  We had a great system tonight where they each took turns flipping the tortillas while I rolled them out.  Did you read that?  They took turns!!  No fighting!  I think I'm liking this cooking together as a family thing! 
If you haven't tried these tortillas yet, you've got to give them a shot.  They're awesome!  So much better than the store bought ones.  And the best part is, I know what's in them.  No freaky ingredients.  Just flour, salt, oil and water.  Simply beautiful.

I asked them at dinner what they thought of our "unprocessed journey" so far.  The young lady replied that "eating healthy isn't so bad" while the little man said "these tacos are awesome".  I say, I'm glad we're on this journey together.  No sweetie, eating healthy isn't so bad!

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