Thursday, October 11, 2012

After a full week on this challenge, here are

5 Things I Have Learned

1.  My kids will actually eat what I put in front of them.  Especially if they know it is expected of them to eat what I make - and if they see their father and I enjoying the food.  This may seem like a total "duh" moment to some of you, but I have spent years catering to the likes and dislikes of my children.  (c'mon, I know I'm not alone in this)  Before kids, I LOVED to try new recipes.  Once the kiddos started voicing their opinions, whining, throwing tantrums, etc. I gave in and made what they liked.  Even went so far as to make special, separate meals for them.  <<slapping my forehead>>  Why?!!  This has been a revelation for me.  My joy in cooking and trying new things is back.  And I'm so pleased that my kiddos are trying new things (even if I'm still hearing a few complaints).

2.  Messing with recipes is fun.  Looking at old cookbooks and finding ways of making them healthy and clean is fun!!  I LOVE the whole process!  

3.  I really like having this challenge to keep me accountable!  Knowing that we have this goal of eating clean for a month keeps me going even when it's not so easy.  It's been an adventure for my whole family.  I like the feeling we have that we're all in this together.  (someone sing me some High School Musical!)

4.  Planning ahead is soooooooooo important!  Knowing what I'm going to make each day keeps me from wanting to turn to convenience foods.  Planning a weekly menu helps me budget our grocery expenses.  Again, another "duh" moment.  I already knew this but never really took the time to put it into practice.

5.  I want to keep doing this.  I want to help other families plan out their meals and make healthy eating a priority.  I have a passion for this.  I believe the health of this country starts at home, in the family kitchen.  Not only does home cooking nourish your body, but eating together as a family nourishes your soul.  That's what I'm all about - helping other realize that true "health" isn't just how much you exercise and what you eat - it's about relationships, with others, with yourself, with God.   I'm so happy to be on this journey!


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