Wednesday, May 8, 2013

My post-run smoothie
I just finished running 4 miles and I'm in need of some fuel to recharge.  So I whipped up this smoothie in less than 5 minutes.  I found the recipe over at Sol Glo Wellness and just happened to have the ingredients.  Yes, I keep some not-so-common ingredients in my fridge.

If you're interested, here's some more info on spirulina and why it's so amazing - click here

Even though I had all the ingredients, I still changed it up.  I used kale instead of spinach, coconut milk instead of hemp milk and coconut water, and I left out the protein powder.  I also added extra cinnamon and less molasses

This leads the question - do you really need a recipe to make a good smoothie?  Yes and no.  Yes because it's nice to have a guideline, an idea of what tastes go well together.  (I have this friend who doesn't need recipes, like, ever because she has this amazing gift of knowing what will taste great together.  I do not have that gift - although I am always learning.)   No because you really just need a liquid, some frozen fruit and some leafy greens.  And if you have the gift of knowing what tastes good together, then you can just throw things in a blender. 

However, I do like to have that recipe in front of me.  Maybe it's just for reassurance, comfort in knowing I'm making something that someone else liked and decided to share.  And I'd like to thank Sol Glo Wellness for sharing this one because it is DEEEE-LI-CIOUS!!

Enjoy this beautiful day!!

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