Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Good Morning Smoothie Challengers!

It's Tuesday, kinda dreary outside and cooler than I would like it to be in May, but it's a great day!  Why, you may ask?  

My kiddos tried a new green smoothie.  

You see, they've been drinking "green" smoothies for a while but they didn't know.  I always made them with strawberries and blueberries and a little vanilla Greek yogurt so they were nice and creamy.  And it hid the green color from the spinach REALLY well.  Now, they know about this challenge and that as a family we are all going to do this together.  They (my hubby, son and daughter) have agreed to drink at least 8 oz a day for the month.  (smile)

To the right you see what's left of my son's morning smoothie.  Mason jars are great to store leftover smoothies in.  They will keep it from oxidizing and losing nutrients.  This will be in the refrigerator, waiting for him when he returns home from school. 

But it's not green, you say.  It was greenish brown when they first tried it and told me it tasted like water (because I had used water as a base instead of the usual almond milk) so I added some almond milk and some raspberries (at my son's request).  Lesson learned, the kids like it creamier so I will stick with almond milk as a base for them.  This smoothie originally consisted of 1 cup water, 1 frozen banana, 1 cup frozen strawberries and spinach (and I threw in some ground flax for Omega 3's) - which results in a brownish green color.  Obviously adding some raspberries make it this nice red color.  And much tastier according to my 8 year old!

So, remember, as you begin this Smoothie a Day challenge - it's all about experimenting.  You're not going to like every recipe.  If you take a sip and realize it's not for you, put it back in the blender and add something else until you do like it.  Have fun with it! 

Please comment below and ask questions, if you have any.  Or contact me via email at bnaturallynourished@gmail.com.

Happy blending!

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