Monday, November 5, 2012

Today was one of those hectic days.

As the dinner hour approached, I was secretly hoping hubby would suggest just grabbing something while we were out.

I was also wishing I had some boxed-easy-to-prepare-convenience food at home because I really was not in the mood to cook.  I really just wanted to sit on the couch.  I wanted to tell my family to just fend for themselves.

BUT, I made a commitment to myself and my family.  So I opened my fridge and stared....waiting.....waiting.....nothing jumped out at me.  Then I opened my freezer, again waiting for inspiration.....then I saw the box of salmon we bought from the Schwan's man last week!  Hooray!  Their wild-caught salmon filets are so good.  And very quick to prepare.

What to have with it????  Hmmmm, open pantry, stare at shelves.......quinoa is quick and easy to make!

As for veggies, well, we have plenty of those, thanks to our crop share.  I'd been wanting to cook the bok choy - this seemed like a great night for that.

I brought some chicken broth to a boil, added the quinoa and set the timer for 15 minutes.  Then I put the salmon in a skillet with some butter, lemon juice and freshly grated ginger.  Once the salmon was almost done, I threw the bok choy in the skillet to soften.

Timer went off, I stirred some almonds and cranberries into the quinoa for a pilaf and.......

dinner was served.

By keeping a few staple items on hand at all times, I was able to pull together a healthy, delicious meal in under 20 minutes.  

I always try to have a box of quinoa, fresh vegetables, fresh or frozen salmon/chicken/turkey, chicken broth (either homemade or store-bought), fresh ginger and lemons on hand.  For you, it could be any number of ingredients.  What is one favorite meal you know your family loves that is quick and easy to prepare?  If you always try to keep those ingredients available, it can help you avoid caving in to the temptation of processed food.  The world we live in is go, go, go.  Advertisers tell us we don't have time to cook and we should grab this box or that bag and our lives will be simpler.  Maybe.  In a way.  But if you've made your health a priority, you don't have to compromise on nights when you're rushed, too tired or have no idea what you're in the mood for. 

If I'd had a boxed meal kit or frozen pizza, would I have made one of those tonight?  Probably.  I've chosen not to keep those things in the house.  It causes me to challenge myself and stay focused on my commitment to help my husband and children learn to love whole foods.  Yes, I will still buy frozen pizza from time to time.  Tonight, I'm glad I made the choice to stay on our journey...

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